Center for Justice Leadership and Management
George Mason University

Justice Partners


Stephen D. Mastrofski, University Professor, George Mason University

Associate Director

James J. Willis, Associate Professor, George Mason University

Senior Researchers

C. Allan Turner, Research Professor Emeritus (and former Associate Director), George Mason University

Senior Affiliate Researchers

Christopher Koper, Associate Professor, George Mason University

Cynthia Lum, Associate Professor, George Mason University

Roger B. Parks, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

Affiliate Researchers

Jayme Johnson, Inspector, London Metropolitan Police

Hina Kalyal, Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar and Assistant Professor, NUST Business School (Pakistan)

Tammy R. Kochel, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Shomron Moyal, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, Population Studies Center and the Jerry Lee Center of Criminology

Tal Jonathan-Zamir, Assistant Professor, Hebrew University (Israel)

Graduate Research Assistants

Matthew Kenyon, George Mason University

Denise Nazaire, George Mason University

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